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Level 3 Facilitator, David Beaudry, taught Qigong to 6000 “at risk” highschool students on stage with James Cameron at the Home Tree Earth Day Event in Los Angeles. As a result SSQF is designing a program with LA County Schools to provide Qigong instruction beginning this Fall.   Read More

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SSQF is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational outreach organization that brings ancient wisdom and cutting edge technology together to present Qigong in a way that is accessible to everyone regardless of their cultural or professional background. Our vision is to inspire a billion plus people toward a healthier, more enlightened lifestyle and to create a real possibility for World Peace.

Supreme Science Qigong Foundation in Ghana

L3 Facilitator, Jocelyn Brock Transforms Ghanians with Healing Qi

“ I felt like a part of the big picture, where nothing discriminates and seperates. I was enveloped by love and light and energy - pure energy. I was amazed at how profound and rich QiGong can be. 
  Jocelyn is a great teacher. She sails through her training like a bird in the sky...gliding. She was ever positive, strong and determined!  Qigong in Africa, Ghana!


~ Fiifi Nunekpeku, Ghana Student

QiGong. Energy. Oneness. Strength. Focus. Stout. Flow. Light. Heat. Healing. Healing, Healing... “

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~ music by Youssou Sidibe