Supreme Science Qigong Foundation

SSQF Level 3 Facilitator, Jocelyn Brock went on a 2 month journey to bring QIgong & Food Healing to Ghana, West Africa. As part of our Outreach Abroad Program, Ghana is the landing place where Supreme Science Qigong will bless foreign soil. We have wanted to bring Qigong to Africa for quite some time and it is happening now with the help of Ghana Activist, Seestah Imahkus Njinga. Jocelyn will be visiting villages and teaching Qigong nonstop up until the main event June 19 - 22, 2010 which will take place in Accra at the Ramada Resort. In addition to bringing Qigong, Food Healing and Breathing Techniques, SSQF will be drilling a well for Seestah’s village. Please assist us with your donation so that we can have the greatest impact on African soil.

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